Artistic Directors

  • Antonio Corral Calero

    Global Creative Director

  • Kevin Hughes

    VP, Artistry

  • Cassie Siskovic

    Artist Director

Global Trend Team

  • Barri Gibson

    Global Trend Team

  • Gonzalo Murillo

    Global Trend Team

  • Kumi Ito

    Global Trend Team

  • Tatiana Dudley

    Global Trend Team

Academy Artists

  • Nico Aceves

    Artistic Team

  • Michele Catalanello

    Sr. Manager, Education

  • Tania Lacoste Major

    Artistic Team

  • Ariel Cubas

    Moroccanoil Artist

Global Color Ambassadors

  • Greg Gilmore

    Global Ambassador

  • Jessica Scott Santo

    Global Ambassador

  • Gareth Williams

    Global Ambassador

  • Lisa Dinh

    Global Ambassador

  • Rachel Williams

    Global Ambassador

  • Maguy Compton

    Global Ambassador

  • Jocelyn Emerson

    Guest Artist

About Moroccanoil Academy


135 East 57th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Based in New York City, Moroccanoil is proud to present the Moroccanoil Academy, an advanced facility designed to provide on-site, customized education to stylists at any level of their career.

Education anytime, anywhere

Access inspirational and educational videos, plus self-guided learning on color theory, product application, our proprietary technology, and more. Ask our Color Experts about all things haircolor! Available for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.