Color Rhapsody Permanent Cream Color

Featuring our ProArginine +ArganID™ system—a proprietary, breakthrough technology that leaves hair nourished, strengthened, and beautifully colored. Color Rhapsody Cream delivers superb color results that leave hair visibly shinier and smoother.


For clients with all hair types.


Wear suitable gloves. Mix 1 part Moroccanoil Color Rhapsody with 1 part Moroccanoil Oxidative Cream Developer 5 vol. (1.5%), 10 vol. (3%), 20 vol. (6%), 30 vol. (9%), or 40 vol. (12%) in a non-metallic bowl. Use immediately after mixing.

Apply on dry hair. Normal color development is 30–45 mins without heat, or 15–25 mins with heat.*

Once developed add water, emulsify, and rinse thoroughly. 

Complete the color service with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. 

  • ArganID™

    ArganID™ technology features positively charged micro-particles that are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber.

  • ProArginine

    ProArginine is a type of amino acid that is naturally found in the hair fiber. ProArginine acts as an alkalizing agent that effectively swells the cuticle to allow haircolor to penetrate into the hair.